Friday, January 14, 2011


I just looked at some of the 350 teams that are signed up for the race and I saw some fun familiar ones. Don't panic, but "Panic @the Rosebowl" is back. "Ben Stiller" will be disappointed that Stephanie and Rachel are not on the team. The "white trash" HI Mt. Men are back. Watch out for the returning "Sneaker Divas". One of them last year was a "Diva" in the not-so-nice sense. If you pass them, don't stop to chat. Just pass. ;) The team with my favorite name that maybe I shouldn't like so much ("Does this skirt make my butt look fast?") is back. If you have some time on your hands, it's fun to look at the creative names (warning- there are some dirty ones):
Some fun ones: "Oh-shins 12", "We don't pass slow runners, we eat them" (yikes!), "Wii not fit", "The knights who say knee pain" (Monty Python reference), and "Too stupid not to start, too stubborn not to finish".
Can't wait to have new experiences with new teams!

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