Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If The Shoe Fits...Buy The Socks!

All the fast people are wearing them. Really! Rachel will even tell you they are the reason she loves running...or something close to that. They are the Balega ankle socks. I don't have a pair (yet) but have come to the conclusion that because all the fast people wear them, they must make you faster. Problem solved!
Now, if they only helped you climb hills...


  1. So that's the "rabbit's" secret! ha! Where can I get me some magical running socks!?! :)

  2. Hey, sounds good to me. Any excuse to buy new gear is good enough for me.

  3. I bought a pair of Balegas with my running shoes because I had just finished a run when I went shoe shopping (long story) and had nasty wet socks :) I happened into these and they are definitely my favorite pair of running socks! I need another pair or two!